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Honey how's your breathing, if it stops for good we'll be leaving (Original)

550 GBP

This original ink and watercolour illustration is signed by the artist on brown paper (part of the Northern Poets series as featured on the Saatchi Gallery website) measuring 18.5cm x 37.5cm.

This painting is part of the Northern Poets series. This series began life thanks to the arrival of my new hoover which arrived wrapped in a roll of brown coated paper divided into neat rectangular sections. I proceeded to apply watercolour to the paper with strange results. The paint would not settle, eventually drying leaving strange, blurred marks. Liking the effect, I began the Northern Poets series which documents my surroundings (Northern England) as witnessed on early morning runs and late night drives along with memories of my school days mixing with the travelling community. The titles of each artwork are inspired by a selection my favourite Northern Poets.

The artwork will be flat packed and wrapped in acid free tissue paper to ensure a safe arrival.

Daniel has been creating art in various forms for 25 years. After leaving school and studying Graphic Arts, Daniel moved into sign design/manufacturing learning the essentials of placement and spacing of image and text. After several years in this field, Daniel embarked on a career in music working with EMI/Virgin Records, which enabled him to get involved in the creative process of writing music whilst creating an accompanying visual, in the form of illustration and moving image. As Daniel’s obsession with visual creativity increased, more of his focus and energy has been channeled into responding to eclectic references and moving towards a unique and recognisable style.

Daniel currently has work featured at the Handel and Hendrix Museum and the Saatchi Gallery Shop, whilst working as design executive at London based T-shirt designers, We Admire. Daniel’s work continues to develop, grow and create intrigue in equal measure.

Other Projects - 

Colour of Music started out as an experiment allowing me to visualize the songs I love, using pitch to colour calculators and plotting chord and key changes.

Colour of Music is an ongoing experiment exploring the relationship between light and sound. These artworks are the results of a translation of two different languages, air molecules as a moving compression wave (sound), and electromagnetic waves (light).

If you are interested in commissioning me to create a Colour of Music artwork of your chosen song, please get in touch. danny.davidson3024@yahoo.co.uk