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Polaroid Land Camera

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Polaroid T-shirt by Daniel Davidson.

Our colour reproduction of Daniel Davidson's artwork is CMYK at 720dpi to 1440dpi, full colour and fully colour fast. Appropriate because Polaroid film similarly depended on CMYK colour reproduction.

Admire Daniel Davidson's take on Polaroid, wear our Polaroid t shirt.

The Shirts

We produce our t shirts as they are sold. We hold a stock of about 25,000 blank t shirts in about 100 varieties of size, colour and type for each t shirt design. When you order a t shirt it is made specifically for you – your exact choice of design, size, type and colour. Our t shirt designs are routinely reproduced onto the fabric of the shirts at a resolution of 760dpi. Colour and detail are our allies. The process dyes the fabric of the shirt, the decorated area has no hand feel and does not affect the performance of the fabric. The t shirts are produced one at a time with the designs scaled to the size of the shirt you choose.

Delivery and Returns

We produce all orders paid for before 4.30pm UK time on the day and post them by 1st class Royal Mail post that evening. The vast majority of our customers with UK delivery addresses receive their shirts the day afterwards. Otherwise we use Royal Mail 1st class Airmail. Typical delivery delays are about 4 days to the United States, a week to Australia, New Zealand and Asia, about 20 days to South America, within a week to most parts of Europe. These times are expectations, they are not guarantees. If the packets get tangled up in Customs things can take a month.

Daniel has been creating art in various forms for 25 years. After leaving school and studying Graphic Arts, Daniel moved into sign design/manufacturing learning the essentials of placement and spacing of image and text. After several years in this field, Daniel embarked on a career in music working with EMI/Virgin Records, which enabled him to get involved in the creative process of writing music whilst creating an accompanying visual, in the form of illustration and moving image. As Daniel’s obsession with visual creativity increased, more of his focus and energy has been channeled into responding to eclectic references and moving towards a unique and recognisable style.

Daniel currently has work featured at the Handel and Hendrix Museum and the Saatchi Gallery Shop, whilst working as design executive at London based T-shirt designers, We Admire. Daniel’s work continues to develop, grow and create intrigue in equal measure.

Other Projects - 

Colour of Music started out as an experiment allowing me to visualize the songs I love, using pitch to colour calculators and plotting chord and key changes.

Colour of Music is an ongoing experiment exploring the relationship between light and sound. These artworks are the results of a translation of two different languages, air molecules as a moving compression wave (sound), and electromagnetic waves (light).

If you are interested in commissioning me to create a Colour of Music artwork of your chosen song, please get in touch. danny.davidson3024@yahoo.co.uk